Noor by Ameenah where fashion meets the spirit of empowerment. Our first collection

Simurgh Soars

is inspired by the legendary Simurgh, symbolizing strength, unity, and spiritual ascension.

Noor by Ameenah: Simurgh Soars Collection

Noor by Ameenah is more than just a clothing brand—it’s a tribute to my adopted mother, Noorbanu, who raised me with unconditional love and instilled values of kindness, resilience, and humility. This collection embodies her spirit, aiming to ignite your true essence through spiritual motivation and empowerment.

Each piece in the Simurgh Soars collection carries powerful messages designed to reinforce positivity and personal growth. As your mind learns through repetition, our clothing serves as a constant reminder that neurons fired together wire together. Let our apparel help you build stronger neural pathways, fostering a mindset of strength and resilience.

Join us in honoring Noorbanu’s legacy and let the Simurgh Soars collection inspire you to rise above, empowered and enlightened.

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