Math Anxiety in High School Children

If we talk about Math Anxiety, there has been increasing media coverage in the past five years about the rise in anxiety among ordinary citizens. Rightfully so, as more than

Anxiety in Men & Ways to Overcome Anxiety

Anxiety in men is the most common mental health condition among men too. When left untreated, anxiety can lead to psychiatric disorders such as depression and suicide. Anxiety in men

Welcome to the glittering, yet often misleading world of social media influencers, where every picture beams with perfection and every moment is a highlight. As a seasoned Clinical and Counselling

My journey as a clairvoyant began not in the esoteric texts of old but in the tender curiosity of childhood, deeply intrigued by the mysteries of life and death. This

Unveiling the Mind-Body Connection: Insights from Hypnotherapy for Cancer Care Through my experiences as a clinical hypnotherapist, I’ve borne witness to the transformative power of emotional release in individuals battling

Introduction The quest for freedom has been central to the human experience, yet it often seems elusive. How can we gain freedom from the limitations that bind us, whether those

Understanding Emotional Intelligence (EI) involves a journey into the intricate balance between emotions and reason. While the role of each is often discussed in isolation, a closer look reveals that

The relationship we have with our parents is foundational, shaping our values, beliefs, and even our personalities. It’s a bond often filled with love and respect but also one that

By Ameenah Thobani, Counselling, and Clinical Hypnotherapist/ Rapid Transformational Therapist Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) often feel emotions more deeply, pick up on the energies of their surroundings, and are more