Understanding Emotional Intelligence (EI) involves a journey into the intricate balance between emotions and reason. While the role of each is often discussed in isolation, a closer look reveals that

The relationship we have with our parents is foundational, shaping our values, beliefs, and even our personalities. It’s a bond often filled with love and respect but also one that

By Ameenah Thobani, Counselling, and Clinical Hypnotherapist/ Rapid Transformational Therapist Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) often feel emotions more deeply, pick up on the energies of their surroundings, and are more

As parents, it is natural to want the best for our children. We want them to succeed in all aspects of life, whether it be academically, athletically, or socially. However,


As a parent, caregiver, or educator, seeing a child struggle with anxiety can be difficult. Anxiety in children can manifest in different ways, including panic attacks, excessive worry, obsessive-compulsive behavior’s,

Have you ever wondered what lies beyond the confines of our physical existence? Are you curious about exploring other dimensions, realms, and the depths of consciousness itself? Astral projection, also

Psychic Attacks are Real!

It has been a couple of days since the weekend, and I haven’t been waking up at my regular 4:00 am meditation time. As a highly sensitive person, meditation is

Lets Learn About Complex Interpersonal Trauma!

People who you wanted to belong hurts you repeatedly may be they are traumatized adults emotionally immature but as a infant you need them to regularize your emotions that’s the