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Soulful Stroll offers an exclusive membership at $24.99 USD per month or a yearly subscription of $240 USD. This membership not only grants you access to a wealth of spiritual resources but also to a private, member-only community platform.

Your Membership Benefits Include:
1.Member-Only Community Platform: Gain access to an exclusive online space where members can connect, share experiences, and grow together. This platform fosters a supportive and nurturing environment for like-minded individuals on their spiritual journeys.

2.Monthly Virtual Sessions with Ameenah: Participate in 60-minute group sessions conducted by Ameenah, our expert in Clinical and Counselling Hypnotherapy, focusing on deep spiritual insights and healing practices.

3.Two Exclusive Monthly Blogs: Enjoy specially curated blogs available only to our members. These blogs provide profound insights into spirituality, mindfulness, and personal growth, enriching your daily spiritual practice.
4. Engaging Video Content and Worksheets: Access a diverse range of video resources and worksheets designed to deepen your understanding and application of spiritual concepts and practices.

5.Discounts on One-on-One Services: Receive a 10% discount on personalized sessions, offering more intimate and focused guidance on your spiritual journey.

6.Birthday Gifts and Celebrations: Be celebrated on your special day with a unique birthday gift from our community, marking your personal growth and journey with us.

7.Interactive Q&A Sessions: Engage in monthly virtual Q&A sessions, providing an opportunity to discuss and gain deeper insights into your spiritual questions.

8.Mindfulness Meditations and Exclusive Content: Discover a variety of mindfulness meditations and other exclusive content, all aimed at enhancing your inner peace and spiritual growth.

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