Welcome to Soulful Stroll: A Sacred Space for Spiritual Exploration

At Soulful Stroll, we are dedicated to creating a sacred space for individuals seeking to explore and deepen their spiritual journey. Our community is a haven for those who wish to embrace their inner growth, explore mindfulness, and discover the transformative power of spiritual practice in a supportive, nurturing environment.

About Our Community

Soulful Stroll is more than just a membership; it’s a commitment to personal and spiritual development within a community of like-minded individuals. Our expert, Ameenah, alongside our vibrant members, fosters a space of healing, learning, and growth. Whether you are taking your first steps on your spiritual path or looking to deepen your practice, our community offers a range of resources, sessions, and experiences tailored to your journey. Join us as we explore the realms of spirituality, mindfulness, and personal growth together.

Membership Tiers

Soulful Seeker - $24.99/month or $240/year

For those embarking on their spiritual journey, offering:
•Member-only community platform access.
•Monthly virtual sessions with Ameenah.
•Two exclusive monthly blogs.
•Access to engaging video content and worksheets.
•10% discount on personalized one-on-one services.
•Monthly virtual Q&A sessions.
•Exclusive mindfulness meditations and content.

Soulful Explorer - $44.99/month or $430/year

For a deeper engagement with your spiritual practice:
•All benefits of the Soulful Seeker.
•An extra monthly session with Ameenah.
•Early access to blogs and video content.
•15% discount on one-on-one services.
•Invitations to virtual events.
•A quarterly spiritual growth toolkit.
•Birthday celebration with a special gift.

Soulful Sage - $99/month or $950/year

For a profound commitment to spiritual growth:
•All benefits of the Soulful Explorer.
•Monthly private session with Ameenah.
•Exclusive access to “Soul Circle” group work.
•20% discount on services and priority booking.
•A personalized spiritual development plan.
•Birthday celebration with a premium gift.

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