Transformation 90

Transformation 90: From Trauma to Triumph

Embark on a transformative journey with our comprehensive and customized program, meticulously designed to navigate and clear traumas at their core. The Transformation 90 program includes 7 two-hour sessions that offer an immersive healing experience. Each session is carefully structured to methodically peel back the layers of trauma, fostering a reconnection and repair of your relationship with your authentic self.

Powerful therapeutic work will be undertaken during these sessions to help you view yourself as a complete and sufficient being. Our holistic approach goes beyond addressing symptoms, aiming to forge a path to your true self, unburdened by the past.

The program includes 3-4 recordings tailored to your healing process, such as a relaxation hypnosis to calm the mind and transformational recordings to reinforce your progress, including personalized affirmations and goal-setting guides. Additional support is provided through somatic exercises, EFT, worksheets, WhatsApp, and email, ensuring comprehensive guidance throughout your transformative process.

Join us and embrace the journey towards wholeness, as we guide you from trauma to triumph. Discover the path to your true self with Transformation 90.