“What you seek, seeks you” – Rumi

As an Energy Healer/Spiritual Coach /Certified Hypnotist and Transitional Shift Therapy Expert, I believe we all have the power to heal ourselves naturally it’s the block that we create throughout our life with negative emotions that halts this natural ability to heal ourselves. It became crystal clear to me in my work of energy how important it is for people to understand the mind/body/soul connection. It’s the unification of all three that let us live on our highest level and resonate on the higher frequency of love, joy, peace.

All dis-eases in the body are often linked to the negative experiences with people, places, or events in our past that are imprinted in our hard disk that is the subconscious mind and we operate from that dense vibration ( everything in the universe is vibrating). when we live our life in old negative patterns we are encircled with dense energy all the time like apathy, grief, fear, doubt, etc. Let me help you by becoming your guide to appreciating the natural ability to heal yourself on all level and rewrite the belief that empowers and break free you from your old cycle. Let me help you find your inner rhythm that resonates with your mind/body and soul’s unification.

It is my passion and my life purpose. To empower and to heal mankind. Let me show you the way to release negative energy, blocked chakras, or trauma that may be holding you back from your full potential of living a healthy, happy, and peaceful life.