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Anxiety in Men and way to overcome Anxiety

Anxiety in Men & Ways to Overcome Anxiety

Anxiety in men is the most common mental health condition among men too. When left untreated, anxiety can lead to psychiatric disorders such as depression and suicide.

Anxiety in men continues to be overlooked in the mental health field despite its devastating impact.

According to statistics, men are less likely than women to suffer from anxiety disorders globally, but this difference does not reflect the diversity and complexity of men’s experiences.

To improve men’s mental health outcomes, it is more crucial than ever to properly assess, detect, and treat anxiety in men.

Signs of Anxiety in Men

Anxiety in men isn’t caused by a single factor. Several factors are included and contribute to someone struggling with anxiety disorder. Here are a few common causes of anxiety in men:

  1. Stress or Trauma

Past or current stressful or traumatic events can trigger anxiety. These include stress from work, financial burdens, break-ups in relationships and losing a loved one. Childhood traumas are also a big factor. Victims of child abuse or child neglect are more likely to suffer from mental health issues in their adult life. 

  1. Genetics 

Genetics have been known to play a part in the advancement of anxiety disorders. For instance, if a close relative has struggled with the condition, it could increase the likelihood that a person will too. This could be related to hereditary factors or early exposure to anxiety and its behaviors. 

  1. Health Issues 

Anxiety disorders could also be a symptom of existing physical or mental health problems. Chronic physical health problems, especially if one is constantly in pain, can leave him vulnerable to developing anxiety. Existing mental health issues such as depression could also increase the chances of developing anxiety. Additionally, some medications such as thyroid and seizure medications list anxiety as a probable side effect. 

  1. Lifestyle Choices 

Various aspects of one’s lifestyle can either lead to anxiety disorders or worsen existing anxiety. Some lifestyle choices that can cause anxiety can be poor diet, inactivity or lack of physical exercise, insufficient sleep, and excessive alcohol or drug use. Too much alcohol intake may also lead to feelings of nervousness, being on edge, and being unable to relax after drinking also known as hangxiety. 

Ways to Overcome Anxiety in Men

There are several ways to overcome or help a man overcome anxiety. Here’s how:

  • Adopting a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercising and eating healthily are known to be effective at reducing anxiety. 
  • Prioritizing getting adequate sleep each night. 
  • A support system. Support from loved ones goes a long way to help anxious people overcome anxiety. If your loved one needs treatment, do everything you can to support them, from looking into treatment options to scheduling appointments. 
  • Limiting alcohol and caffeine intake and stopping tobacco use. 
  • Stay in touch with them, but don’t pressure them. Anxious people tend to withdraw quickly, so make sure you maintain regular contact. Avoid giving in to their fears or pressuring them to do anything against their will, instead find a middle ground.
  • Practicing mindfulness, deep breathing exercises and meditation.