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Bully’s mind! Pink Shirt day!

We stand and talk about bullying and how to stop it! Teach kids from a very early age.. still, find bullying is a big problem see that happening all the time.

My point today I’ll make how someone becomes a bully. What’s the lacking part in a child’s nourishment and how we are dealing with it.

No person born bully it’s the conditioning they received in their childhood that made them feel diminished and to overcome that their mind bring that as a coping mechanism to hide their weakest self and act in a weird way to diminished others whom they think as a weak person in their head and they pray for people they think struggling in some way and that’s the only way they can show their false ego ( survival) and power.

It starts as early as from the womb that negative or positive conditioning and shaping kid’s belief system and how they see the world. When caretakers are untrustworthy children develop a deep sense of distrust. The world seems a dangerous unpredictable place. The child must always be on guard and in control. Control madness causes a lot of harm. So trust is basic essence and we get that when we see our parents, caregivers as role models.. and feel safe and we know the world is a safe place and I can trust people. Then comes the unmet needs of childhood. Emotions are the motivating force in our living. Emotions help us to express ourselves as emotions are energy in motion. We learn what we see. Children believe without any logical explanation limited beliefs like boys don’t cry, weak boys cry, strong means putting someone down are the root cause of particular behavior in children.

How to help a bully as well so our society flourish and no one feels the urge to diminish others because they don’t have unmet needs, they feel loveable, enough significant and they matter!

Babies are born with wonder, optimism, emotions, dependence, Innocence, resilience, playfulness, uniqueness, love. A child must be loved first before he can love. “Love is the most basic human need beyond all other needs. It makes us human ” Montagu

It’s my dream to see no bullying at any place because we all learned how to raise conscious and aware kids one day by healing ourselves first. Love