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Childlike curiosity and magic in this picture.

Before you reach that playful nature of the inner child you have to reach out to that inner child.

One way to do that is write your younger self a letter. That you are grown up and you can look after her and how you can be it’s best parents who exactly know what that lil inner child wants and needs.

Another way is to look at your childhood picture and ask what it wants how that inner child felt etc!!! Those are two powerful exercises to use to access our inner child.

Once their unmet needs met by reparenting and that inner child feels safe, heard, and loved that playful nature comes out naturally as that is our true authentic nature a child-like with no limitations, full of excitement, curiosity, etc.

I hear all the time from people and experts to bring that playful child, be like a child, curious, full of confidence, hopeful and be present…. to live at our highest potential we have to understand that true nature of ours that is a nature of purity and playfulness…

It took me years to find my inner child because it was afraid to show up and I also forgot about it too because I was busy fixing things on surface-level still finding myself inadequate and not enough… I blocked all that was the reason of my inner child hiding and was living in an illusion where everything seems perfect ? My Spirituality led me towards my missing blocks and I started working and clearing traumas of childhood in that process I found my inner child when I acknowledged something is not right and that is within me where I find my self people-pleasing, looking for approval, giving more than what I receive and still find myself standing at the same place without any true happiness everything seems so temporary and suffocated because it was happening in never-ending cycles.

When I found her I felt a total affinity with her and felt the pain of rejection, scared, not loved, not visible, not heard lil girl with unmet needs and doesn’t belong. All she needed was love, safety, acknowledgment, visibility, belonging .. but didn’t know how to do that. as a helpless kid in its psyche, she accepted that she doesn’t matter, and with that pain, she hid in herself and covered with fake layers to hide her true authentic self in fear of rejection and judgment. Once we find our true authentic self that is pure love and playfulness. Once we are ready to look for our inner child we have to peel layers after layers to find it and then it’s our job to make it feel nurtured, safe, heard, loved.? I help people to find, Regressed, release, and heal their inner child in a safe environment.