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Aura ( Electromagnetic Field ) Around Us

AURA as an energy field extends far beyond the human body. There is a constant interaction between one’s aura and one’s inner energies. The aura extends beyond the body as it comes in contact with physical objects around the human body including people and their energies. Our daily intimate and distant interactions with these objects and people around us do not always result in a positive energy collision. Sometimes these energies are negative resulting in OUR personal energy being tainted by a negative momentum.

As such was the case one day with me, I was anxious, feeling down with very low morale for no particular reason. As a trained Reiki Master I decided to check my aura, chakras, and energy. I was looking for the cause of my anxiety and dim mood. What could be wrong? I am normally a happy person with a loving family and a successful career.

The further I dug the darker my energy got and I knew my aura and my energy was comprised of something negative. I had to clear out the negative energy and heal myself, I did so by Reiki charged bath bombs, spa salts, and candles. Each item is individually charged with Reiki for the purpose of energy cleanse and rejuvenation. After a 15-minute bath ritual, where I lit a Reiki charged candle, soaked myself in the bathtub with a Reiki charged bath bomb I was on another level.

My spirit was lifted and my mood was light, I felt like my normal self again. All of it in 15 minutes, I couldn’t believe it, is this possible? I started experimenting with friends and family by giving them my products, sure enough, the results were amazing.

Pretty soon I started to have a backlog and the recipients were willing to pay to get ahead of the line.