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Conscious Parenting

Children, who are subjective to the conscious thoughts of people around them. It is very necessary to make parents aware that thoughts are energy and results of entertaining fears for their children manifested by their own thought power. Always remember that the thoughts of the parents influence the child. If the mother constantly saying my poor baby, lil sick thing, etc that will not help the child to feel any better In fact you are projecting sickness and reinforcing, the more you talk about your child in that manner the more you are putting negative energy and it’ll manifest.

This is called subconscious malpractice which is not intended to harm but because it is the wrong way of directing thought energy if a mother doesn’t know the result of thought power. The word you speak and the picture you make all carry significant energy and the more focused you are with emotions it’s likely you are manifesting things you don’t want to manifest as the law of attraction is constantly working knowingly or unknowingly you are attracting.

Now it is the business of the parents or caregiver to realize that there should be no limiting or negative belief influencing the child’s wellbeing except the belief in perfection. At first, children are happy, free and spontaneous, and raw that’s why we love them. They live instinctively. As they grow their emotions became more complex and they adopt and pick good, bad, and indifferent whatever is going on in their environment, domestication of a human baby began like any other animal.

Rules, reward, punishment and it become their book of law which is with them forever until they realize at one point that hello it’s not my book it was given to me by people around me and it is not serving me any good more.. at this moment I need to rewrite new belief and smash old beliefs. There comes the job of healer/guide/mind expert to help.

Everything that opposes harmony and spontaneous unity will prove disastrous to the child’s overall well-being sooner or later or even as an adult. Inner child healing is one method to undo the false impression one makes in their vulnerable times when the logic is not present.