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Five steps to over come, When you don’t get what you want!

As a human, we always strive to better our living in every way. In all areas of our life and it happens when we plan to reach at certain place or level in life financially, in relationship, in career or anything else with a lot of hard work still feels we are not moving and getting tired! Everything shattered sometimes in moments, for example the deal? didn’t materialize, you don’t get promotions, didn’t end up with your ideal life etc. It’s hard to cope but there is always a way out because limitation is only in our mind if we understand how to work through it, we’ll be saved from going deep in to looping negative thoughts then hopelessness then anxiety and depression.

This is a process it takes time give yourself some time.

That’s how I do it❤️

Step 1: Breathe… hold… exhale… hold. Take out your emotions like cry, give yourself time to absorb but don’t talk negative about self. Positive self talk is the key ? don’t beat yourself up. You can talk to your best buddy too to release.

“The words you speak and picture you make create your reality” Marisa Peer.

Step 2: Write down in journal how are you feeling. First, all your failures then how to overcome it! If you question your mind how I can overcome ? You’ll receive a lot of information.

Step 3: Look for hope the slightest light in darkest cave light the cave? that’s the beauty of hope. In human history hope always played very important and central part in moving ahead.

Step 4: Now time to ground yourself or do creative activity any thing you love to do like cooking, inspirational reading listening, walk in the nature observe spend some time out there or just doodling, coloring like a child. I give permission to myself to play and enjoy?

I release myself from any guilt I I was holding. I am enough, what is meant to be for me it’ll find its way. I trust the Universal plans.

Step 5: Visualize you already achieved what you wanted, feel the feeling of achievement, associate that feeling with your any previous achievement. Bring that on surface and be in that moment. Be grateful and by this time I am sure you are feeling much better and got good hold of your loss.

When we focus on something we have the ability to create. Focus on what you want with unshakable believe and unwavering conviction.

Secret formula Believe and you shall Receive.