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Embrace yourself and be a rockstar ⭐

I am rocking by embracing who I am ! 💕I am a star and I love myself the way I am💜. You have to be thin to wear this, take some fat reduction pills, you are too bustier, you butts are too big, you look like a aunt you cant do this, no one will marry you because “You Are Fat”, we don’t carry your size! Hence, you are not good enough! ☹️

How many of you feel what I am talking about? ☝🏽

Body Shaming and conditioning initially starts from others then when they stopped, we start for ourselves and yes better than them trained well enough to carry that job In a more military style way 🛑 journey towards feeling limited and not good enough started from very early age at one point end up doing all kind of healthy unhealthy diets to look the size which people see as perfect and my only way to feel good was in a certain way 👌 and people love me. Naive I was right!

I grew up with that perception of not being enough… and not safe and I know it was not just my house hold it was ingrained in our society’s Culture.

Fat helps give your body energy, protects your organs, supports cell growth! Fat is a layer of protection for the body, when we feel unsafe emotionally it’s one of the mind response for protection is to hide you under fat layers… mind is not our enemy it always does what it thinks you wanted to do and mind’s no.1 job is to keep you alive.

In my case I was not feeling connected, was not visible and heard and being fat was one thing my mind’s wanted to do to make me visible😉 I also reached to a defined perfect size as well at one time but falls back again and again didn’t know why is it so hard to feel good.

My spiritual quest led me to heal myself by changing beliefs it was initially seemed not easy but repetition makes it one step closer with emotion releasing therapies and off course my fav RTT all helped me heal my deepest , darkest, hardest wounds.. now I walk with my fellow souls and stand with them to uncover their darkest place with their own light 💡