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Psychic Attacks are Real!

It has been a couple of days since the weekend, and I haven’t been waking up at my regular 4:00 am meditation time. As a highly sensitive person, meditation is crucial for me to keep myself safe and in flow. However, we all experience situations where we feel derailed, and that happened to me in this case. I believe that as humans, we all go through ups and downs, and I can’t remember why I stopped meditating for some time. I had no clue that I was putting my guard down. I’m a great believer in sitting and reflecting on myself, and I meditate vividly with a mantra. I personally feel that those moments guide me in so many ways in my life, but I didn’t want to feel guilty about not doing meditation, so maybe that’s why I didn’t think that not meditating was the cause of the issues I was facing or would face.

That particular Saturday night, I dreamt the most unusual dream after reading before sleeping. In my dream, I was being attacked, and I was protecting myself, fighting like a ninja. I know it sounds funny and silly, and I had no idea it was a heads-up from my higher self about what was coming. What is more strange is that my husband dreamt something similar, but he saw two snakes fighting. Something deep inside me didn’t feel comfortable, but I didn’t pay much attention as it was very unusual for me to dream like this.

After a few days, I had a throbbing headache that was unusual as I had never felt that kind of headache before. I was unable to think clearly, and it felt foggy. It seemed that my heart was chained or pressurized, and I was in a very painful place, feeling very fatigued. I had to cancel all my sessions, and it took me 2-3 days to figure out what was happening. As a spiritual person and an energy healer, my intuition guided me to do something about it. For sure, it was a big energy attack or a psychic attack. It took me some time to gather my energy to at least sit and meditate. I wanted to do something about it, so I started looking for the source of this attack and the source of negativity. It didn’t take me much time to track down those intense negative emotions that were sent towards me on the assumption that a person whom I helped from my heart to get better attacked me psychically.

Remember, negativity is more penetrating, and especially in this case, I allowed that person to connect with my energy as I deeply wanted her to heal, but she was not ready to heal from the cycle she was in. It’s not that I don’t guard myself, but thank God, I was able to track it and cleanse my energy with the tools I have, recover by the grace of a Divine source, and protect myself from any ill intention. I learned a lot from this experience, and it was a big reminder for me to always keep myself with a protective shield. Sometimes you have to go through experiences like this to learn a lesson and teach others and spread awareness about this, as I have gone through this by myself. It was my human experience where I put my guard down, and my awareness that reassured me that I am a multi-sensory being, a spiritual being, and I possess the power within me.

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Now Let’s Learn About Psychic Attacks And How To Overcome It

What is a psychic attack?

A psychic attack is a form of negative energy that can be directed towards a person. This energy can come from other people, spirits, or even from one’s own negative thoughts and emotions. Psychic attacks can take many forms, including emotional manipulation, energy-draining, and psychic or physical violence.

Psychic attacks can have a significant impact on an individual’s mental, emotional, and physical well-being. They can cause feelings of anxiety, depression, and fatigue, and can even manifest as physical symptoms such as headaches and digestive issues.

How do psychic attacks affect us?

Psychic attacks can have a wide range of effects on an individual, depending on the severity and duration of the attack. Some common symptoms of psychic attacks include:

* Feelings of anxiety and depression

* Fatigue and exhaustion

* Difficulty sleeping

* Headaches and migraines

* Digestive issues

* Chronic pain

* Unexplained physical symptoms

Psychic attacks can also affect an individual’s mental and emotional well-being. They can cause feelings of fear, anger, and helplessness, and can even lead to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in some cases.

How to overcome a psychic attack?

If you suspect that you are experiencing a psychic attack, there are several steps you can take to overcome it. Here are some tips to help you:

1. Identify the source of the attack: The first step in overcoming a psychic attack is to identify the source of the negative energy. Is it coming from another person? Or is it coming from your own negative thoughts and emotions? Once you have identified the source, you can take steps to address it.

2. Protect yourself: One way to protect yourself from psychic attacks is to create a psychic shield. This shield can be created by imagining a bubble of white light around you that repels negative energy.

3. Practice self-care: Self-care is essential when it comes to overcoming psychic attacks. Make sure to get plenty of rest, eat a healthy diet, and engage in activities that bring you joy and relaxation.

4. Seek professional help: If you are experiencing severe symptoms or are unable to overcome the psychic attack on your own, it may be helpful to seek professional help. A therapist or energy healer can help you identify and address the root cause of the attack and provide you with tools to overcome it.

Why did someone psychically Attack you?

Why Someone Might Attack?

Several motivations influence attackers:

  • The attacker is jealous. For example, the victim’s life is progressing while the attackers is stagnant.
  • The attacker is envious of the victim’s looks, career, life partner, or environment.
  • The attacker is living in their dark side at the moment.
  • The attacker lacks self-conviction and is living in fear.
  • It is theorized that when negative energy is consciously sent to someone with the intention of inflicting harm, then what is sent is exactly what will be attracted by the sender. The universal law of karma states that what goes around comes back around, multiplied.


  • Refrain from mirroring the attacker’s actions: Avoid sending similar energies or thoughts to the attacker.
  • Send loving thoughts: The attacker is the weaker one. Instead of returning thoughts of anger, hate, or fear, feel compassion toward the attacker. This type of light, love, and blessings can help the attacker see and heal their darkness.
  • Protect No. 1: Every time the attacker comes into your mind, imagine you are showering the attacker with the pure light of the universe. Change the way light is sent by imagining it being sent in different ways. Keep protection around you.

In conclusion, psychic attacks can have a significant impact on our mental, emotional, and physical well-being. By identifying the source of the attack, protecting ourselves, practicing self-care, and seeking professional help from the best therapist, Ameenah Thobani. We can overcome these negative energies and reclaim our peace and well-being. Remember, you are not alone, and there is always help available if you need it.