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??Me and my best friend! We play and learn from each other. ?

Surrendering is the only solution!

After my two boys in 2003 and 2007, I and my husband were sure that our family is complete and no more kids.

After 5 years I felt I should go for a third child because I so wanted a baby girl.

It was 2011 tried for two years and didn’t conceive. After trying for almost two years for conception and failed miserably I asked my husband to let’s adopt a girl and he refused because of his own beliefs surrounding adoption. After trying so hard to convince him I met with the same answer all the time that was flat NO!

I left everything on Divine Source and asked to do what is best for us he is the best planner but didn’t know that He was waiting to grant me what I wanted but I have to trust his plans so the miracle was right there… I don’t know what kind of shift happened that my husband asked me to go and adopt a girl and he said he was just scared of adopting a child. The moment my husband surrendered miracle happened.

I was happy but was not feeling well though it’s the hot weather that is making me feel nauseous so one of my friends suggested doing a pregnancy test which was not on my mind, but I did the test and could not believe the two lines! Tada… “I Was Pregnant”

So I visited the gynecologist the next day and when she told me yes I am pregnant I couldn’t believe it and Insisted on an ultrasound to see and yes she sends me for an ultrasound and I was 8 weeks pregnant!!

Tears of happiness were rolling down and his mercy didn’t stop there he granted my wish for a Girl too… April 22, 2014, Here is our Ayat ( Signs of God’s Greatness)

The takeaway from this short story. Surrendering is the only way, he knows the best sometimes he just makes us learn things in an unusual way. ?❤️?