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Do you wonder why academic books seems difficult to read?

“If you don’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well…!”

The rule of the mind when you don’t understand anything you surrender your mind surrender to that authority. When we use that heavy vocabulary our mind has to work really hard to understand and make sense of it and at the same time our mind make believe that the person or book I am reading using that strong vocabulary is very difficult so your simple mind just give up because it doesn’t understand !

Do you wonder why academic books seems difficult to read though the same concept in leisure reading we all enjoy because understanding is power we can utilise that knowledge according to our state of mind. I really enjoy authors who write simply and don’t make complex writing so a lay men can understand knowledge and messages the authors wants to share.

It reminded me of a incident, where I was already struggling with low self esteem, bullying and rejection. It was a group tour to a newly build International level hospital and university and the person who was giving us that tour was foreigner (I was in Pakistan at that time) excited to learn more I asked him a question and he answered very politely though my grammar was not up to the mark! Well well but a close person made sure that I spoke wrong English and everybody should know plus a instruction that don’t ask you speak wrong English! I was in my teens. You are already struggling with the self-esteem when you’re in your teens and instructions like that and humiliation like that actually makes you feel that yes that’s the truth that’s a fact about me that I cannot communicate in English language.
Fast forward after some years on my healing path I met so many beautiful people who encourages me to write and they never saw my grammatical mistakes in fact they always encourage me that what I have to say should be in a written form as well so we can always go back to it and so I started writing and I feel that yes I am a very simple communicator I explain things very simply I don’t use heavy vocabulary and I got complimented by native speakers most of the time that though English is your second language but you communicate your ideas so simply and it’s so impactful so when I saw Einstein said that if you cant explain things simply that mean you did not even understand that and it means a lot to me. I try to make people understand the concept that seems difficult but it is not if it’s made simple.

Myself Ameenah Thobani, I am a certified Hypnotherapist with a Speciality in Past Life Regression. With 20 years of experience, I am a veteran in the fields of Mind Science and Spiritual Coaching. My goal is to help you break free from the negative cycles that are preventing you from living your highest purpose.