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Remember your perception of the world is a reflection of your state of consciousness ~ Echart tolle

Discovering a past life for the first time can easily happen in your meditation practice or in a hypnotherapy Session. It could also randomly happen to you at any point in your life. I regressed into one of my own past life at a very young age. I can’t explain what happened I was confused and my quest began. Then, one day I  heard someone on a radio show, talking about no time space concept and it was just the beginning of my exploration of 4th Dimension I learned so much from him as my mentor later he was talking, how we can explore our past and future lives through time tunnel without a second thought I knew in my heart, I traveled to the place where this past life occurred, I had vivid scène of me being a warrior got wounded then died in a desert and experience the transition from death to light which I had no idea how I knew that all, I just knew it’s me having that experience. 

I like to say that a past life will present itself to you when you need it the most. So, I stumble into a past life experience when I was in strong need of an aspect that I had an abundance of in that previous life or something that needs to be resolved or need improvement, for me initially it was relationship, then my own healing, then as a aware soul my responsibility to spread awareness and support others in their journey.

When I saw one of my life in Egypt as a close ally to the queen Nefertiti and doing very similar what I am doing now, I knew I brought a lot of experience and wisdom from my previous lifetime . We learned and learned from life times after lifetimes until we become expert or untangle any energetic entanglement that is required.

So, personally, I think when the time is right, you will surely have an aspect of who you once were present itself to you in the way you need it, whether or not you are looking for it. However, there are also ways to discover this in your Past Life Regression Therapy Session.

How unfinished business from past lives can affect our present.

Our souls can hang onto patterns until we learn our lessens and if we don’t we incarnate with the same lessen life after life to learn. 

Something that I find incredibly interesting that past lives can influence our present – for the good and the bad. Past lives can shape our limiting beliefs, affect our relationships, and even craft some of our fears. Perhaps we have triggers or fears that make no sense, and they are likely linked to some trauma we experienced many lives ago. Our souls can hang onto patterns we deemed important so many lifetimes ago. We can have trouble releasing these fears if they are not effectively worked through. This is, in part, why past-life regression therapy can be so beneficial. If we don’t look in the soul cyclic patterns, it can even carry over into physical manifestations. One of my client was complaining discomfort in her lower chest area and when we followed the origin of that pain in past life regression she was attacked at that same place in one of her life and some unresolved issues needed attention and pain was the indicator.

How I can support you in your journey? 

It can be hard to let go of the past or to get rid of problematic patterns we may be holding onto, but it isn’t impossible by any means if you have right resources available to let go of these childhood conditioning , limiting beliefs first we need to find your blocks then I’ll guide you to unblock , heal and seal with the guidance of your’s and mine spirit guides and my two decades experience in this field . 

You will see how much better your life is without that blocks and cyclic patterns in it, and how really easy it is to manifest new way of living. Eventually, with time and focus, you can find that pattern to be a distant memory.

Recognizing the patterns and limiting beliefs you have carried over from those lives can be extremely beneficial for you.

Discovering and understanding your past lives can be a very exciting and enlightening experience that can help to improve your life so you can experience your best life now in present moment is such a wonderful thing. With focus determination, and right guidance you can let go of your limiting beliefs / past life blocks and live the life you want.

I (Ameenah) is a Past life Regression Therapist since last 2 decades, you can book a session with me at here.