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Connecting to the Intention

Thoughts are energy! Thoughts are powerful but for manifestation, your thoughts should be with feelings and feelings comes when you believe in that thought ? and that belief becomes stronger through repetition because that’s the only way our mind learns.. repetition.

I Emphasize all the time on one major aspect is your inner dialogue. How you are speaking to yourself? Notice how much of your inner speech focuses on what’s missing, the negative circumstances, the past, and the opinions of others. The human mind is wired like that because the mind’s number one job is to make us survive and fear originate with survival but at the same time, we have the power to choose. You will be surprised when you pay attention and tell your mind that I am safe by slowing down breathing, deeply and slowly ( I usually recommend box breathing ) breath in 2..3..4 hold 2..3..4 exhale 2..3..4 hold 2..3..4 you get the power of choice! Now it’s up to you what you want in life lack or abundance where ever you will focus without fear you can create! Ways you can achieve what you desire!

Close your eyes and take 3 slow deep breaths.

Inner Dialogue and intention setting I intend to attract what I want and stop thinking about what I dislike. The new inner dialogue becomes the link connection to your intention.

Reject thoughts that support an inability on your part to match up with intention. Be aware of low energy Recall that everything which includes your thoughts has energy and frequency that can be calibrated to determine whether it will strengthen or weaken you.

It will need some conscious efforts in the beginning once your subconscious mind accepts those ideas it will sink in and becomes your habit and then your stronger positive empowering beliefs.

Always keep the thought of abundance in mind. Remind yourself that the universe can’t be miserly, wanting. It holds nothing but abundance.

Keep all inner talk focused on good reports and good results. Your inner speech mirrors your imagination and your imagination is your connecting link to the higher self.

Your inner conflict with your desire nullify everything as our mind canot hold conflicting beliefs.

Assume within yourself the feeling of any wish being fulfilled. Visualize the successful outcome already. Feel that feeling and feel that gratitude attitude! The more you do it the more you are wiring for success, abundance, and inner peace. ❤️